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We believe

Every customer support experience is memorable to your customers - CsCx can help ensure it's a great memory that your customers will share with their friends.

All customer contact, even a complaint, provides an opportunity to enhance your business' reputation, retain the customer and even turn them into people who sell your business for you. Handled badly, that one contact could also inflict real and lasting damage!

We can help

Offering plain English and jargon free training and consultancy, based on real life experience, CsCx can help your business improve - even if you are already magnificient. We can help all kinds of customer-facing teams including 'front of house', telephone, email and IT Service Desk teams.

We can deliver training to your support staff in your choice of venue, helping them to create fantastic memories for your customers.

What do you need?

CsCx can provide a range of customer service training courses or design the content to match your own business needs.  We also offer consultancy to review and improve your existing services or to help you introduce new ones.

Contact CSCX today to discuss how we can help your customers enjoy a better experience, which is memorable (for the right reasons) and helps turn your customers into sales people for your business.

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